Recent Research Activities

WebQAmGaze dataset

Our new corpus of webcam eye-tracking-while-reading is now available here. It can be used for a range of topics, including how to learn human rationales from gaze patterns.

Paper accepted at EACL 2023

In this collaboration with Adobe Research, we generate synthetic scanpaths to improve downstream NLP tasks. Preprint available here.

EU COST Action approved

Take a look at our newly approved MutliplEYE COST Action on enabling multilingual eye-tracking data collection for human and machine language processing research.

The Copenhagen Eye Tracking Corpus (CopCo)

CopCo, the Danish eye tracking corpus from natural reading is finally available here (and will continue to grow)! Upcoming LREC 2022 publication now out.

Selected Publications

A complete list of publications is available on my Google Scholar profile.


Nora Hollenstein & Mircea Lungu. Analyzing User Interactions to Estimate Reading Time in Web-Based L2 Reader Applications. Proceedings of EUROCALL. 2022. [PDF]

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